Will Data Protection Act Change the Use of Data in Indonesia Financial Services?

Suwinto Johan
2022 Lambung Mangkurat Law Journal  
This data science examines a variety of data in order to aid humans in making complex decisions. This science aide's management in making complex decisions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and algorithms all fall under the category. Data science is growing in popularity as a result of the increasing reliance on technology by businesses such as social media companies and financial technology companies. Financial technology companies create applications that allow for the
more » ... ection of consumer information. This information is transformed into a set of decision-making management tools. This information was easily obtained prior to the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Act's enactment. This tool can assist management in becoming more efficient and effective in their operations. Additionally, this tool can be used to make complex management decisions, such as credit decisions for financial institutions and product marketing to consumers through appropriate advertising. The objective of this research is to examine use of data for business purposes after the enactment of the PDP Act. This study employs a descriptive and legal normative method. This research concludes that enacting the PDP Act will reduce the effectiveness of information processing. However, distinct information protection laws must be developed to improve consumer data protection. Additionally, public education about personal data protection needs to be strengthened. The PDP Act should regulate consumer protection issues and establish independent data protection institutions
doi:10.32801/lamlaj.v7i1.297 doaj:4ea0b9e2b8274d209470ad9787915eb1 fatcat:eb3pqigh5bfq3kkx75pdr4fjea