First Occurrence of Chromis albicauda (Pomacentridae, Perciformes) from Jeju Island, and Re-assignment of Yellow Chromis Specimens from Korea

Young Sun Song, Jin-Koo Kim, Byung-Jik Kim
2013 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Two specimens of Chromis albicauda were collected from Jeju Island, Korea. The species is most similar to C. analis, but is distinguishable by the presence of a white caudal fin when alive, 4-5 scale rows on the anterior portion of the preorbital, and a blackish blotch around anal opening. The results of a molecular analysis based on mitochondrial DNA 16S rRNA sequences confirm that the two individuals are not C. analis but C. albicauda as the genetic distance between the two species is 0.044.
more » ... species is 0.044. A comparison of the two individuals of C. albicauda with yellow chromis shows that none of the previously reported yellow chromis is C. analis, but rather they are C. albicauda. Herein, we suggest the new Korean name "Huin-ggo-ri-no-rang-ja-ri-dom" for C. albicauda.
doi:10.5635/ased.2013.29.3.253 fatcat:jgiii7bqcjgwtc7cwfw76douxy