Evidence of temperature dependence of initial adsorption sites of Ge atoms on Si(111)-7×7

Zubaida A. Ansari, Masahiko Tomitori, Toyoko Arai
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
Small amounts of Ge atoms are deposited on Si͑111͒-7 ϫ 7 surfaces at room temperature ͑RT͒ and at 100°C to clarify the initial adsorption sites using scanning tunneling microscopy. At RT Ge atoms are adsorbed at high coordination B 2 sites around the rest atoms, as predicted by Cho and Kaxiras ͓Surf. Sci. 396, L261 ͑1998͔͒. On one hand, at 100°C Ge atoms are adsorbed on corner adatom sites. With increasing Ge coverage the corner sites are gradually occupied, followed by Ge adsorption at center
more » ... sorption at center adatom sites, resulting in Ge cluster growth with a size of the half unit cell.
doi:10.1063/1.2198109 fatcat:defo6fzp4naxhmxv4qou7tikyq