Coherent multiresolution isosurface ray tracing

Aaron M. Knoll, Ingo Wald, Charles D. Hansen
2008 The Visual Computer  
We implement and evaluate a fast ray tracing method for rendering large structured volumes. Input data is compressed into an octree, enabling residency in CPU main memory. We cast packets of coherent rays through a min/max acceleration structure within the octree, employing a slicebased technique to amortize the higher cost of compressed data access. By employing a multiresolution level of detail scheme in conjunction with packets, coherent ray tracing can efficiently render inherently
more » ... t scenes of complex data. We achieve higher performance with lesser footprint than previous isosurface ray tracers, and deliver large frame buffers, smooth gradient normals and shadows at relatively lesser cost. In this context, we weigh the strengths of coherent ray tracing against those of the conventional single-ray approach.
doi:10.1007/s00371-008-0215-2 fatcat:dh3e3qazlrbn5dey6w6amhjcdi