2019 Humanities science current issues  
Due to the tendency to globalisation, economists all over the world have a strong necessity to master a foreign language. Young generation of learners needs innovative approaches to language teaching. This article reveals the results of the research into methodological and psychological aspects of teaching a foreign language to students of economic departments in Ukraine andstates the essential educational objectives. It also suggests anovel teaching framework whose major goal is to give an
more » ... ntage to students in their overcoming language, communication and cross-cultural barriers in studying process and which can be regarded as highly integral to the educational objectives that are central to gaining current competences. There is a great need as well as considerable potential in developing them. A broad education preparing the students for managerial roles in business and leadership roles in society is axiomatic. In order to train young economists, the lecturers have to take into account that their students as future specialists must operate on a number of different premises at any time. These premises arise from their culture in which they are working. Effective communication between parties in business is everything. Under the impact of practice demanding perfect knowledge of a foreign language there are reasons for close mutual cooperation between lecturers and students. There is pressure for improvement that is increasing more and more. In addition, there are special job requirements according to which students' needs have changed and the lecturers have good reasons to be concerned about anticipating and meeting the students' changing language wants and needs. The method of immersion considers teaching a university subject or subjects in a foreign language, completely superseding students' mother tongue from the process of studying. Involving students in preparing self-directed projects on cultural differences as home assignment we provide more opportunities for using and interacting in English and help them gain confidence and become independent language learners. Projects have to become one of the main components in any program. Digital technologies are making an increasingly significant contribution to language learning in many parts of the world and there are established and high profile journals and conferences where research is presented and discussed. These digital technologies are widely used in teaching and learning foreign languages in Ukraine. One of the ways to aid the process of teaching by means of technologies is computer assisted language learning (CALL). Reading as a classic technique is appreciated as an important part of students' development to increase the efficiency on the one hand decrease the number of mistakes in comprehension and translation on the other hand. Based on the kind of text samples, establishment of the general effect of reading and translation is therefore evident. The variety of changes that can be observed in class depends on texts, their structure, style and initial purposes. The results shown in the article are based on the research conducted in groups of learner at Kovalova O., Kovalska N. Innovative framework for teaching ... Актуальнi питання гуманiтарних наук. Вип 24, том 1, 2019 174 Педагогiка Олена КОВАЛЬОВА, викладач кафедри ділової іноземної мови і міжнародної комунікації Національного університету харчових технологій (Київ, Україна) Наталія КОВАЛЬСЬКА, старший викладач кафедри теорії, практики та перекладу англійської мови Національного технічного університету України «Київський політехнічний інститут імені Ігоря Сікорського» (Київ, Україна) ІННОВАЦІЙНІ МЕТОДИ НАВЧАННЯ СТУДЕНТІВ ІНОЗЕМНИМ МОВАМ ЯК ЗАСОБУ МІЖКУЛЬТУРНОЇ КОМУНІКАЦІЇ У статті розкрито результати дослідження методологічних та психологічних аспектів викладання іноземної мови студентам економічних факультетів в Україні та визначено основні навчальні цілі. У ній також пропонується нова структура викладання, основна мета якої полягає в заохоченні студентів у їх подоланні мовних, комунікаційних та міжкультурних бар'єрів у навчальному процесі. Цю методику можна вважати інтегральною для освітніх цілей, які є важливими для отримання мовних компетенцій. Ключові слова: іноземні мови, інноваційні методи, міжкультурна комунікація, методика викладання, комунікативне середовище, навчання іноземним мовам, мовні компетенції.
doi:10.24919/2308-4863.1/24.176778 fatcat:53gvsqm3pnc4xgngzpw3swxwp4