Factors Influencing Customers Airline Choice: A Unique Study of Low Cost Carriers in Kurdistan

Dr. Kartikey Koti
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The paper examines the Factors Influencing Customers Airline Choice: A unique study of Low Cost Carriers in Kurdistan. We have considered those airlines which provide service on low or minimal cost in Kurdistan both domestic and international flights. There are only few studies conducted on low or minimum cost of flight fares and the level of satisfaction and quality of services provided. There is a distinction in travelers' recognitions between minimal effort bearers and full administration
more » ... iceholders in a develop European market and in a quickly creating Asian economy John F. O'Connell, George Williams. The fundamental point of the proposal is to research which factors sway understudies' decision of either ease or fullcharge aircraft. For Norwegian understudies the compelling components are nature of administration, flight accessibility, and cost; for non-Norwegiansnature of administration and administration unwavering quality. At last, conceivable clarifications for these distinctions are proposed. Anton Sokolovskyy 2012. This examination analyzed the variables that affected the aircraft determination of Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) in Thailand. The exploration was defended dependent on the fast development of LCC travel in Thailand, especially in household and local travel. There is an overall absence of effective clarification of the decision of LCCs in Thailand, with just a couple of studies tending to themes like traveler fulfillment and view of administration quality. Thapanat Buaphiban 2015. The principle choice to pick minimal effort transporters was low cost in which clients could buy on the web. What's more, the discoveries likewise uncovered that the initial three market factors impacting the choice of the respondents to support minimal effort aircrafts were low value, channel of purchasing ticket, and advancement factor. Bavornluck Kuosuwan. The total sample taken for the studies which have spread across the Kurdistan region are 180 respondents. To examine the relationship of the factors which are influencing the customer in choosing low or minimum cost flights were mean and correlation was conducted. The factors considered for the study are based on two classifications Influencing Factors and Buying Behavior. Influencing Factors-Perception, attitude, family and friends, no difficulties levels, Meeting my needs, Satisfaction, safe, timely available. Buying Behavior -Buy Low cost airline, choose and purchase is Low cost and my future buying will be only low cost ticket As a reflection of our study we could find high influencing factors with mean score of 3.75 were Good Perception towards low cost, Positive attitude towards low cost and Low Cost flights are safe with a Cronbach's Alpha of more than 0.70 . The importance of customer decision choosing a low cost flight based on Buying Behavior with acceptable skewed value with the standards of ±2.58 Buy Low cost airline ticket, My first choose is Low cost ticket , I always Purchase low cost ticket , In future I will buy only low cost ticket
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1362/1/012113 fatcat:dqdetyn5obb4lgdft32pvjvtze