Eddy current density asymmetric distribution of damper bars in bulb tubular turbine generator

Hongbo Qiu, Xiaobin Fan, Ran Yi, Jianqin Feng, Jie Wu, Cunxiang Yang, Haiyang Zhao
2017 Archives of Electrical Engineering  
The major reasons that cause the damage of damper bars in the leeward side are found in this paper. It provides a route for the structure optimization design of a hydro generator. Firstly, capacity of a 24 MW bulb tubular turbine generator is taken as an example in this paper. The transient electromagnetic field model is established, and the correctness of the model is verified by the comparison of experimental results and simulation data. Secondly, when the generator is operated at rated
more » ... ion, the eddy current density distributions of damper bars are studied. And the asymmetric phenomenon of the eddy current density on damper bars is discovered. The change laws of the eddy currents in damper bars are determined through further analysis. Thirdly, through the study of eddy current distributions under different conditions, it is confirmed that the stator slots and armature reaction are the main factors to affect the asymmetric distribution of the eddy current in damper bars. Finally, the studies of the magnetic density distribution and theoretical analysis revealed the asymmetric distribution mechanism of eddy current density.
doi:10.1515/aee-2017-0043 fatcat:dqcpcu5lzfg5hp24bdayomf3za