The central correlations of hypercharge, isospin, colour and chirality in the standard model

H. Saller
1998 Il Nuovo Cimento A  
The correlation of the fractionally represented hypercharge group with the isospin and colour group in the standard model determines as faithfully represented internal group the quotient group ${\U(1)\x\SU(2)\x\SU(3)\over\Z_2\x\Z_3}$. The discrete cyclic central abelian-nonabelian internal correlation involved is considered with respect to its consequences for the representations by the standard model fields, the electroweak mixing angle and the symmetry breakdown. There exists a further
more » ... ts a further discrete $\Z_2$-correlation between chirality and Lorentz properties and also a continuous $\U(1)$-external-internal one between hyperisospin and chirality.
doi:10.1007/bf03036001 fatcat:nwsajs3zknhphp2uvmhpikhh6e