Towards easier and more functional semantics for geometrical tolerancing [chapter]

E. Pairel, M. Giordano, S. Samper
1999 Global Consistency of Tolerances  
Geometrical defects of a manufactured feature are limited by form, size and location tolerances. The standardized semantics of those tolerances, i.e. their interpretation on the manufactured feature, presents a lot of drawbacks. We propose new semantics, based on the fitting of a unique theoretical feature on the manufactured feature. The fitting criterion we propose, named minimum volume criterion, leads to the actual mating envelope of the manufactured feature. For some functional
more » ... the tolerancing shown to become simpler and more functional.
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-1705-2_14 fatcat:akkrsmzeindmxjjheksxilqk6m