A single server queueing model with self-generation of priorities, customer induced interruption and retrial of customers

Jomy Punalal, Babu S.
2019 International Journal of Research in Advent Technology  
In this article we consider a single server queueing model in which customers arrive according to Poisson process. At the time of arrival, all customers are classified as ordinary. If the server is busy the arriving customers enter an orbit of infinite capacity. Each customer in the orbit tries, independently of each other, to access the server at a constant rate σ. Each customer in the orbit, independently of others, generate priority with inter-occurrence time exponentially distributed with
more » ... distributed with parameter . A priority generated customer is immediately taken for service if the server is free. Else, such a customer is placed in a waiting space of capacity 1 which is reserved only for priority generated customers. We consider a customer induced interruption while service is going on. The interruption occurs according to a Poisson process. The interrupted customers will enter into a buffer of finite capacity and they will spend a random period of time for completion of interruption. The duration of the interruption of customers in follows an exponential distribution. The service facility consists of one server and the duration of service times of ordinary, priority and interruption completed customers follows an exponential distribution with appropriate representations. Various performance measures are obtained for an appropriate system designing. 1303 CONCLUSION A single server retrial queueing system with selfgeneration of priorities is analyzed in this paper. The arrival of customers are according to Poisson process and service times follow different Exponential distributions. The interruption we discussed here is customer induced interruption. Performance measures required for an appropriate system designing were computed and numerically analyzed.
doi:10.32622/ijrat.732019129 fatcat:njuzdjsvyrekxjak2dnvt3ekre