Closed-form solutions for the free-vibration problem of multilayered piezoelectric shells

M. D'Ottavio, D. Ballhause, B. Kröplin, E. Carrera
2006 Computers & structures  
This paper addresses the free-vibration problem of multilayered shells with embedded piezoelectric materials. A series of hierarchic, two-dimensional axiomatic shell theories are presented within the "Unified Formulation" introduced by the last author. Shells of constant curvature are considered, and no simplifying assumptions on the curvature terms are made in the geometric relations. Closed-form solutions are given for the free-vibration problem of simply supported, orthotropic piezoelectric
more » ... aminates. The formulations are applied to study the influence of the electro-mechanical coupling on the resonant frequencies. It is demonstrated that the slenderness of plates with through-thickness polarized piezoelectric layers increases the electro-mechanical coupling. For comparison purposes, the fundamental axisymmetric mode of hollow cylinders has been exemplarily considered: with respect to flat plates, the thickness and the curvature of the shells have a less important effect on the piezoelectric coupling.
doi:10.1016/j.compstruc.2006.01.030 fatcat:ipncjowudvg7zbkzxqf52xlj6i