Transient Analysis of Gas Turbine Power Plants, Using the Huntorf Compressed Air Storage Plant as an Example

T. Schobeiri, H. Haselbacher
1985 Volume 3: Heat Transfer; Electric Power   unpublished
The design of modern gas turbines requires the predetermination of their dynamic behavior during transients of various kinds. This is especially true for air storage and closed cycle gas turbine plants. The present paper is an introduction to a computa tational method which permits an accurate simulation of any gas turbine system. Starting with the conser vation equations of aero/thermodynamics, the modular computer program COTRAN was developed, which calcu lates the transient behavior of
more » ... t behavior of individual components as well as of entire gas turbine systems. For example, it contains modules for compressors, turbines, com bustion chambers, pipes etc. To demonstrate the effec tiveness of COTRAN the shut-down tests of the air stor age �as turbine plant Huntorf were simulated and re sults compared with experimental data. The agreement was found to be very good. BBC cooperated in writing a computer progam which simulates nuclear gas turbine systems [1]. Later, the computer program COTRAN was developed by BBC to ana lyze the transients within conventional gas turbo groups.
doi:10.1115/85-gt-197 fatcat:6ow5vvgmkjccbncvoxnukcben4