Численное моделирование волновых процессов в трещиновато-пористых флюидозаполненных средах

М.А. Новиков, В.В. Лисица, А.А. Козяев
One of important problems in modern applied geophysics is to distinguish the specific indications of developed fractures in geological formations using seismic data. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish the fluid-saturated systems of cracks capable of providing a sufficient hydrodynamic permeability of reservoirs. In this paper we propose a numerical algorithm to study wave fields in fractured porous fluid-saturated media on the basis of a finite-difference approximation of Biot's
more » ... on of Biot's equations. Our numerical results show that the intersecting fractures significantly increase the absorption of seismic energy due to the appearance of fluid flows in cracks. A detailed frequency analysis of seismic wave attenuation is given.
doi:10.26089/nummet.v19r212 fatcat:w53o5zhzcban7igbw4yvwe2p2y