Theoretical and Computation Analysis on the Pressure Drop in the Cyclone Dust Collector
사이클론 집진장치 내부의 압력강하에 대한 전산해석과 이론식의 결과 비교

Daegeun Hyun, Hyuksang Chang
2014 Clean Technology  
요 약 본 연구에서는 집진성능이 다른 6개의 서로 다른 형상의 사이클론 집진장치 내에서 이루어지는 압력강하에 대해 기존이론 식과 CFD (computational fluid dynamics) 해석 결과를 비교하였다. Abstract : Using the CFD method, the pressure drop in 6 cyclone dust collectors of different shape were calculated. And the results were compared with results of the conventional theories. were used in the theoretical calculation. In CFD calculations, we used standard k-epsilon model for analysis of turbulent flow, fluid is 25 ℃ air, the velocity at inlet is 10 m/s and the
more » ... perature is 25 ℃. In CFD analysis results, the pressure distributions along the flow showed similar patterns in different cyclone shapes. But the pressure drop distributions estimated on the conventional theories had big difference in different cyclone shapes. Only First's theory and CFD analysis showed similar results.
doi:10.7464/ksct.2014.20.3.263 fatcat:4rpiz75sfvc6llmr3yfsjqrugu