Discovery of a Highly Magnetic White Dwarf with Strong Carbon Features

Gary D. Schmidt, James Liebert, Hugh C. Harris, Conard C. Dahn, S. K. Leggett
1999 Astrophysical Journal  
Systematic follow-up of high proper-motion stars has identiÐed a new cool magnetic white dwarf that displays a series of spectacular absorption bands in the range 4200È6500 The spectrum bears a strik-A . ing resemblance to that of LP 790[29, a magnetic DQ star dominated by what are apparently Zeemanshifted Swan bands of However, key di †erences in the detailed spectra, polarization, and temperature C 2 . of the two stars indicate that instead LHS 2229 may represent the Ðrst case of a magnetic
more » ... peculiar ÏÏ DQ white dwarf, where absorption in the optical is produced by or another carbon-hydrogen com-C 2 H pound. Crude arguments suggest that the Ðeld strength on LHS 2229 is in the neighborhood of 108 G. BV I photometry proves to be e †ective in identifying such peculiar stars, since they lie well outside the main white dwarf sequence in a color-color diagram.
doi:10.1086/306819 fatcat:sybohcgotrbvpgb64h64cc4vkm