Optimization of Directivity and Gain Performances on Circular Patch Antenna Design for 2.4 GHz Applications

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
In this paper, simulation and optimization analysis on circular patch antenna for 2.4GHz is presented. The performance that been specifically focused in this analysis is the improvement of the directivity and gain of the circular patch antenna design. Basically, the objective of this analysis is to compare the circular patch antenna of a single form with 1x2 antenna array formation. These antennas are designed with the proximity feeding technique. From the previous literature and findings, the
more » ... and findings, the optimization works of array arrangement have been proven will improve the directivity and gain performances. In this study, the array arrangement with proximity feeding technique of optimization work to improve the directivity and gain of a circular patch antenna has been explored. Comparison of a single and array of micro strip circular patch with proximity feeding technique as the FR-4 is the substrates with permittivity equal to 3.95 is presented. Based on the results, 1x2 array arrangements enhance the directivity and gain output compared to a single form circular patch antenna design. The directivity performance improves 28% and gain has been improved by 47% after optimization. The findings show that the array elements with proximity feeding technique design offer to improve and enhance the directivity and gain performances of an antenna.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d5155.118419 fatcat:d664uzrdnfdjtjh7so3fsqy7si