K.A. Lathrop
1970 unpublished
This report was pre-par@d as an account of work sponsored by the United a-s Oovernment. Neither the United Ststen dor the United States Atomic Energy Commlselon, nor any of their employees, nor any of their eontractore, subwaaaetm, or their employees, makes any wmaaty'f exer ireplied, or m m w ) any legal liability oa respon&M%ty for the accuracy, completeness or usefulaelre &f say Momantion, apparatus, probet or pr-dhhe4, or represents that Its use would not infrhp priva* owned rights. Me- of
more » ... ?epa~tion have evolved considerdbly since the first arhnin-9 L fstmation of Na c01, t o a hman late in 1961 (1). A brief descriptim of this evoluticm may be useful since it has resulted entirely frmn efforts t o produce for intravenous use sterile solutions that are free of m c , chemical, rdiochernical and mdimuclidic am tamWmts, and t o minimize h a t i o n exposure t o all perscrns involved i n ppepa~tiun and adihistratian of the Mdiodiqgostic agents, as we11 as im the patient.
doi:10.2172/4106020 fatcat:pyke3g2jfvgxno5jmsvvjy4olu