The Inventor's Department

1911 Scientific American  
Model 21 Haynes. 40 h. p. 5·passenger touring. 120 in� wheel base. 4b51 motor. $2100. The Haynes for 1912 has received a royal welcome. I F ANY further evi�ence of .. the place wh�ch .th7 ' Haynes car holds In the mInds of the dIscnnu nating public were_needed, it was furnished by the overwhelming response to our annOunce ment of the 1912 Haynes. By reason of the fire which completely destroyed our old factory last February. the Haynes car virtually had been out of the market for seven months.
more » ... uring those same months, other manufac turers were going �o the public day after day, month in and month out, with their advertising, with their salesmen, and with their announcements of new_models while we were at a standstill. Last month, when our magnificent new factory had risen from the ashes of our old one. when its wonderful modern equipment had been installed and . 1912 model had been built and tested and proven to of all the splendid Haynes mode1s ever built, then we into the market. It was'a glorioUS returh and the has been beyond all expectation. We hadn't realized it but public was waiting for the .new Haynes. The 1912 Model 21 and Model Y, 50·60 h. p., eight high-power car, and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10141911-346 fatcat:jpvx5hvv35hw5bn2kglwsaisqu