Flavor tagging TeV jets for physics beyond the Standard Model

Zack Sullivan, Keith Pedersen, T. Barillari, S. Bethke, S. Kluth, S. Menke
2016 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We present a new scheme for tagging boosted heavy flavor jets called "μ x tagging." At the LHC, the primary method to tag b-jets relies on tracking their charged constituents. However, when highly boosted, track-based b-tags lose efficiency, and the probability to mistag light jets rises dramatically. Using muons from B hadron decay and defining a particular combination "x" of angular information and boost estimation, we find fairly flat efficiencies to tag b-jets, c-jets, light-quark jets, and
more » ... light-heavy jets (containing B hadrons from gluon splitting) of b = 14%, c = 6.5%, light−light = 0.1%, and light−heavy = 0.5%, respectively. We demonstrate the usefulness of this new scheme by showing the reach for discovery of a leptophobic Z → bb in the dijet channel. μ x boosted-b tag Consider a jet containing a semi-muonic decay of a B hadron. In the center-of-momentum (CM) frame, the muon is emitted with a speed β μ,cm and at an angle θ cm with respect to the beam axis (see a
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201612003001 fatcat:a7mhvhwra5dqpk64dgrquz7kcq