I. Marosi Age and Knowledge Management Age and Knowledge Management

Ildikó Marosi
the employment rate of older employers should rise again, and not only because of the ageing society or the slowly unbearable pension system. According to the old saying, "it's good to have an old man in the house," which means that old people possess knowledge and experience. This high level of social capital is to be consciously utilized in the future. Although the practice of age management, which deals specifically with the older generation, does exist within human resource management, it
more » ... ce management, it is not enough in itself. We can feel that the age group which is about to retire is not valued enough, and although they constitute the majority of our society, nobody tris to organize the transfer of their knowledge. If we want to see the knowledge they acquired handed over to the next generation, we need a change in attitude and the creation of a new organizational framework.