After hours (2019): shooting script [article]

Roland Cartagena
The final screenplay for the production of After Hours, an experimental short film that follows a man who drifts from transitory spaces on the way home. There are differences between the film and its written form; not all that were in the script made it into the film and not all that can be seen in the film were likewise originally part of the script. The discrepancy, as any filmmaker would attest, naturally occurs in varying degrees per production and is contingent upon the artistic-logistic
more » ... gotiations that inevitably bristle in the process of filmmaking. The script nonetheless may be sought to intuit the vision for the film, having been written and its narrative conceived by the director himself.
doi:10.17613/r8ew-8206 fatcat:stvhqcernzavjlq6kjbb5go6lq