A New Model of Stopping Sight Distance of Curve Braking Based on Vehicle Dynamics

Rong-xia Xia, De-hua Wu, Jie He, Ya Liu, Deng-feng Shi
2016 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
Compared with straight-line braking, cornering brake has longer braking distance and poorer stability. Therefore, drivers are more prone to making mistakes. The braking process and the dynamics of vehicles in emergency situations on curves were analyzed. A biaxial four-wheel vehicle was simplified to a single model. Considering the braking process, dynamics, force distribution, and stability, a stopping sight distance of the curve braking calculation model was built. Then a driver-vehicle-road
more » ... imulation platform was built using multibody dynamic software. The vehicle test of brake-in-turn was realized in this platform. The comparison of experimental and calculated values verified the reliability of the computational model. Eventually, the experimental values and calculated values were compared with the stopping sight distance recommended by the Highway Route Design Specification (JTGD20-2006); the current specification of stopping sight distance does not apply to cornering brake sight distance requirements. In this paper, the general values and limits of the curve stopping sight distance are presented.
doi:10.1155/2016/4260705 fatcat:co2457333jflnnjlhoztmww6fu