Electricity Generation Using Treadmill Tricycle

Abhiram, Afsal Thajudeen, Nithin Prasad, Anuraj, Tech Students
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Now a day's exercises play an important role in human life. As we know the exercising will reduce the amount of excess calorie of the body and annihilates the metabolic activities of the body. When doing exercise, a large amount of human energy is get wasted. Our project is mainly aim to convert this energy into sufficient form and for making the exercise more convenient by a new design. For that we designed a tricycle where the pedal of the cycle is fully replaced by a treadmill. The treadmill
more » ... mill. The treadmill will drive the rear wheels of the cycle via a chain drive, so that its need only the effort of exercising in treadmill to travel a short distance conveniently. A stand is provided to make the tricycle inclined at stationery state and can be use the tricycle as a perfect treadmill. A powerful dynamo and a battery is provided to the rotating parts of the tricycle so that it can produce and store electrical energy during exercising or travelling. We can use this electrical energy in emergency situations such as power failure, it can light some lamps in a room and can give power for music systems etc.