Metallography of Al-Si Alloys with Alloying By Fe up to 1%

A.S. Zhilin, Li Jianguo, V.R. Yalunina, D.S. Varlamenko, V.A. Bykov
2019 KnE Engineering  
Metallographic analysis of aluminum-silicon alloys with different silicon content from 0 to 12% carried out. All alloys were differed in 2% by silicon amount from each other and all of them were additionally alloyed with iron in an amount of up to 1% in order to improve the technological properties in a die casting process. The paper shows the distribution of structural components of alloys made by electronic microscopy.
doi:10.18502/keg.v1i1.4424 fatcat:zpppsr4qcvaijiyuqrp4ssfwty