Experimental investigation of machining parameter for micro hole drilling on titanium wrought alloy

Vaibhav Gosavi, Nitin Phafat, Munjadas Kadam
2015 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
This paper presents an investigation of micro holes drilling using electrical discharge machining (Micro-EDM) on titanium wrought alloy, difficult to machine conventionally. EDM is a thermal machining process that utilizes spark discharges to erode a conductive material. In the present study, attempt is made to find the optimal machining conditions with metal removal rate (MRR) and electrode wear rate (EWR) as objective. It was observed that with increase in discharge energy MRR and EWR
more » ... s. Grey relational analysis was used to determine the optimal machining parameters, among which the discharge current and the capacitance are found to be the most significant. The obtained optimal machining conditions are capacitance of 0.30 pF, current of 32 A, pulse-on time of 20 µs and a pulse-off time of 12 µs. It was observed that MRR mainly depend on discharge energy while longer pulses increases EWR.