Genesis and dynamics of the range of Sarothamnus scoparius (Fabaceae) within Ukraine
Генезис та динаміка ареалу Sarothamnus scoparius (Fabaceae) у межах України

V.I. Melnyk, A.R. Baransky
2017 Ukrainian Botanical Journal  
The issue of the range of Sarothamnus scoparius in Eastern Europe remains problematic. This species, listed in the Red Data Book of USSR (1978) as a rare autochthonous species near the eastern limit of its range, is also a rare species of Ukrainian Polissya. According to data of other authors, S. scoparius is an adventive species of the flora of Eastern Europe. Sarothamnus scoparius is not listed in the floristic reports of the 19 th century from the Carpathians, Polissya and Eastern Europe in
more » ... eneral. At that time it was not a component of the native flora but was cultivated in forestries as a forage plant for wild animals. From cultivation sites S. scoparius was spread to natural ecosystems, occuping niches in forest margins, forest glades, forest plantations, along forest routes and paths, in ecotones between forests and fields. The rate of migration of S. scoparius increased in the 20 th century and especially in the 21 st century due to climate warming and intensive antropogenic pressure on the environment (forest cut on large scale, abandoned fields, presence of many open pits and rock dumps, and other suitable habitats for S. scoparius). Strong frost and drought slow down but do not stop migration of S. scoparius to the east. This migration takes place in the Polissya lowland through various landscape ecosystems and in VolhynianPodolian Upland along river valleys. Differing behaviour of S. scoparius in two regions of Ukraine may be explained by air humidity. More humid climate of the Polissya lowland is more suitable for the growth and development of a subatlantic species S. scoparius than less humid climate of VolhynianPodolian Upland. Analysis of geographical distribution and habitats of S. scoparius in historical aspects shows that this species is a kenophyte and ergasiophyte in the Ukrainian flora. Sarothamnus scoparius is by mistake regarded as a rare autochtonian species in Ukraine.
doi:10.15407/ukrbotj74.04.334 fatcat:zwi7z3oqxfbyzopqovztx6m66i