The Interior Reconstruction Technology of Restaurant Based on the Concept of Green Energy Saving

Yan Wan, Yujia Zhai, Can Cui
2022 Proceedings of the International Conference on Art Design and Digital Technology, ADDT 2022, 16-18 September 2022, Nanjing, China   unpublished
In view of the problem that the restaurant uses high electric energy, which affects the economic benefits of the restaurant, this paper studies the internal renovation technology of the restaurant under the concept of green energy saving. Taking an X restaurant as an example, the green and energy-saving building block of the restaurant is rebuilt, and the interior material construction of the restaurant is returned to the mainstream of energy saving. Then the green and energy-saving HVAC is
more » ... alled in the restaurant to reduce the high consumption of HVAC power. Finally, the moisture-proof, heat-insulated and energy-saving first floor is laid in the dining hall to ensure the comfort of the dining environment. The final construction results show that under the concept of green energy saving, the active energy and reactive energy in the restaurant are reduced. The energy saving effect is better, which can meet the transformation goal of the X restaurant and can be applied to real life.
doi:10.4108/eai.16-9-2022.2324915 fatcat:yrrgqpakgfgg7puwjup5khqegq