Shape selectivity in low-temperature reactions of C6-alkenes catalysed by a Cu2+-exchanged montmorillonite

J. M. Adams, A. Bylina, S. H. Graham
1981 Clay minerals  
The reactions of ten C6-alkenes over a Cu2+-montmorillonite catalyst have been examined between room temperature and 100°C. The reaction products depend upon inter alia the branching in the alkene, the position of the double bond, and the temperature. Hex-2-ene, cis and trans-4-methyl-pent-2-ene and 4-methyl-pent-1-ene do not react at all, whereas 2-methyl-pent-1-ene and 2-methyl-pent-2-ene and 3,3-dimethyl-but-1-ene form alcohols below ∼40°C and dimers at higher temperatures. Hex-1-ene forms the di-2,2′-hexyl ether.
doi:10.1180/claymin.1981.016.4.02 fatcat:soqxepoywvdffhefmxqmaomtea