Gain Enhancement of Uwb Mimo Antennas Using A High Isolation Technique

Sulphiker V S, A.Kishore Kumar
2014 IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  
Antenna diversity is an important technique for modern wireless communication systems. By employing multiple-antennas, effects such as multi-path, small-scale fading as well as co-channel interference, can be reduced. Furthermore, the system's capacity can be increased significantly by using multiple-antenna However, for compact devices, mutual coupling between antenna elements may become severe due to their small distance. In order to improve the isolation between array elements, several
more » ... ents, several scenarios have been proposed. Two truncated square monopoles orthogonally and symmetrically printed on ground plane to improve the isolation. A slot is placed on the ground plane to reduce the mutual coupling between two radiators. Three stubs are introduced to achieve spatial diversity.In this project, a novel diversity antenna for UWB applications is proposed. Two square shaped monopoles are employed to achieve wideband performance. The 10dB return loss bandwidth of the antenna ranges from3.1GHz to 10.6GHz. In order to improve the isolations between the two radiators, a T stub is employed. The antenna design is accomplished by using EM simulator IE3D. As reported, the isolation between the two ports is higher than 39dB within 3.3GHz to 10.4GHz, stable omnidirectional radiation patterns with gain flatness of about 3dBi over the entire frequency rangearealsoobtained
doi:10.9790/2834-09163443 fatcat:poocgsijh5gzzk45r3uszgncbi