Scalable continuous flow hydrogenations using Pd/Al2O3-coated rectangular cross-section 3D-printed static mixers

René Lebl, Yutong Zhu, Derrick Ng, Christian H. Hornung, David Cantillo, C. Oliver Kappe
2020 Catalysis Today  
Graphical abstract Highlights  A continuous flow process for heterogeneously catalyzed hydrogenations is presented  Specially designed static mixers (SM) are produced by additive manufacturing  Catalytic Static Mixers (CSM) were obtained by coating SM with a layer of Pd/Al2O3  CSM rectangular cross-section ensured excellent heat transfer and easy scalability  The performance of CSM was evaluated using an aromatic nitro reduction as model J o u r n a l P r e -p r o o f Abstract A novel type
more » ... stract A novel type of catalytic static mixers with rectangular cross-section coated with Pd/Al2O3 has been developed. The catalytic mixers, produced by additive manufacturing and coated with the metal oxide catalyst, have shown excellent catalytic performance for continuous flow hydrogenation of nitroaromatics. The heterogeneous catalyst is highly stable. No loss of catalytic performance was observed after long periods of activity and ICP-MS measurements determined that essentially no Pd or Al leaches from the reactor. The rectangular cross-section reactor is readily scalable. The process developed has been showcased for the synthesis of the key intermediate of the medicine tizanidine.
doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2020.07.046 fatcat:3puiv26h7rh73iki3fxyax6j5e