Hydrogen absorption-desorption cycle decay mechanism of palladium nanoparticle decorated nitrogen doped graphene

Jiao Li, Chaonan Jin, Ruijun Qian, Chaoling Wu, Yao Wang, Yigang Yan, Yungui Chen
2021 Progress in Natural Science: Materials International  
A B S T R A C T As a hydrogen storage material, palladium nanoparticle decorated nitrogen doped graphene (Pd/N-rGO) has drawn much attention owing to its high absorption capacity at moderate conditions. However, its hydrogen absorption-desorption cycle performance, which is essential for their practical application, has been rarely studied. In this paper, a simple and convenient high temperature thermal reduction method was used to synthesize nitrogen-doped graphene decorated with Pd
more » ... es (Pd/N-rGO). Taken it as a representative, the hydrogen absorption-desorption cycle performance of Pd/N-rGO was investigated. The results showed that after three cycles the hydrogen storage capacity dropped from 2.9 wt% to 0.8 wt% at 25 C and 4 MPa pressure. It was found that the palladium nanoparticles shed from Pd/N-RGO sheet after cycle performance test, and then agglomerated. These phenomena will weaken the hydrogen spillover effect, leading to the decrease of hydrogen storage capacity. Meanwhile, decreased defects reduce the hydrogen absorption sites, which will thus deteriorate the hydrogen storage capacity.
doi:10.1016/j.pnsc.2021.06.009 fatcat:u6biyn4q5vatvjlh42sgso2m2i