The extragalactic Cepheid bias: significant influence on the cosmic distance scale

G. Paturel, P. Teerikorpi
2005 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
The unique measurements with the Hubble Space Telescope of Cepheid variable stars in nearby galaxies led to extragalactic distances that made the HST Key Project conclude that the Hubble constant is H 0 = 72 km s −1 Mpc −1 . The idea that H 0 is now known is widely spread among the astronomical community. Some time ago, we suggested that a strong selection effect may still exist in the Cepheid method, resulting in too short distances. Using a model similar to traditional bias corrections, we
more » ... corrections, we deduce here new estimates of distances from HST and previous ground-based observations which are both affected by this effect, showing the same trend which starts at different distances. The recent measurement of M 83 with the VLT is unbiased. Revisiting the calibration of HSTKP's with our new scale, makes long-range distance criteria more concordant and reduces the value of H 0 to ≈60 km s −1 Mpc −1 . Locally, the corrected Cepheid distances give H local = 56 km s −1 Mpc −1 and reduce the velocity dispersion in the Hubble flow. These numbers are indicative of the influence of the suggested Cepheid bias in the context of the HSTKP studies and are not final values. Article published by EDP Sciences and available at or http://dx.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20042144 fatcat:xyrsq3cohvhbjag7tecz6ihwoq