The decree of Kleinias

Gwyneth Anita Mark
The purpose of this thesis is to study the decree of Kleinias, with a view to determining its purpose and date, using epigraphic criteria and internal evidence. The arguments from historical context are merely summarized in Chapter 1, Introduction. Chapter 2 determines the readings. Chapter 3 discusses the evidence of the letter-forms and characterizes the mason. The conclusion of this chapter is that a date in the 430s is best. Chapter 4 discusses the evidence of spelling, which is of no help
more » ... hich is of no help for dating, and formulae, which suggest a date in the late 440s or 430s. Chapter 5 gives the restoration of the text, and commentary. From internal evidence discussed in this chapter, a date after 453 and before 426 is necessary. The decree seems to be concerned not with recalcitrant subject cities, but only with dishonesty and poor bookkeeping. Chapter 6 briefly restates the evidence found in the previous chapters.
doi:10.14288/1.0093189 fatcat:zsggoayi5rbjtnmu2k3siu66ie