Utilization of Dichlorvos and Trichlorfon in Salmonid Farming in Norway during 1981–1988

K. Grave, M. Engelstad, N. E. Søli
1991 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
Grave, K., M. Engelstad and N. E. Soli: Utilization ofdichlorvos and trichlorfon in salmonid farming in Norway during 1981-1988. Acta vet. scand, 1991The main objectives of this investigation were to quantify the use of dichlorvos and trichlorfon in the treatment of salmon lice infestations, to evaluate the prescribing of these drugs, and to estimate possible changes in the salmon lice problem by use of drug statistics. This study has shown that the use of trichlorfon increased from 4.9 tons in
more » ... 1981 to 28.3 tons in 1985. This figure declined to 3.2 tons in 1988. The use of dichlorvos increased from 0.3 tons in 1986 to 3.2 tons in 1988. The change in the prescribing from trichlorfon to dichlorvos has dramatically reduced the pollution caused by these substances in the marine environment. Moreover, if necessary safety rules are observed, this change reduces the exposure of the workers on fish farms to these drugs, and also reduces the possibilities of intoxications of the fish during the treatment procedure. The sales figures of dichlorvos and trichlorfon, related to the calculated biomass of farmed salmonids in the sea, indicate a dramatic increase in the salmon lice problem. d rug sta tisti cs ; o rga no ph ospho rus co mpo unds ; fis h far ming; mo rb id it y; seas o na l va ri a ti o ns; sal mo n lo use; pollut ion .
doi:10.1186/bf03546991 fatcat:iuc6hfoi2faqplf5ajffuoldtu