Performance Evaluation of Node.js for Web Service Gateway in IoT Remote Monitoring Applications

Lionel Nkenyereye, Jong-Wook Jang
2016 The International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology  
The growth of mobile devices in Internet of Things (IoT) leads to a number of remote and controlling system related IoT applications. For instance, home automation controlling system uses client system such web apps on smartphone or web service to access the home server by sending control commands. The home server receives the command, then controls for instance the light system. The web service gateway responsible for handling clients' requests attests an internet latency when an increasing
more » ... ber of end users requests submit toward it. Therefore, this web service gateway fails to detect several commands, slows down predefined actions which should be performed without human intervention. In this paper, we investigate the performance of a web server-side platgorm based event-driven, non-blocking approach called Node.js against traditional thread-based server side approach to handle a large number of client requests simultaneously for remote and controlling system in IoT remote monitoring applications. The Node.JS is 40% faster than the traditional web server side features thread-based approach. The use of Node.js server-side handles a large number of clients' requests, then therefore, reduces delay in performing predefined actions automatically in IoT environment.
doi:10.17703/ijact.2016.4.3.13 fatcat:g4rjxcpfo5ae7fyrsgllldiiiy