A constraint satisfaction approach to the resolution of uncertainty in image interpretation

P.B. Cullen, J.H. Hull, S.N. Srihari
Proceedings Eighth Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications  
A technique for image interpretation based on the constraint satisfaction methodology is described. The technique resolves uncertainties found in image interpretation problems. The objects in an image are treated as independent variables. The technique combines the recognition results for these objects to develop an interpretation of the image. The technique uses an intelligent backtracking algorithm to solve the constraint satisfaction problem and also analyzes failures of the backtracking
more » ... he backtracking routine to suggest modifications to help locate a solution. This technique is able t o overcome uncertainties in image interpretation by generating partial solutions and infem.ng values for the missing objects. A n outline of this processing is presented and an application of this technique is also given. The technique is then compared t o another approach in the same domain. Preliminary results on over 1000 test images show this method is able t o correctly interpret nearly three times as many images as a previous method.
doi:10.1109/caia.1992.200020 fatcat:zb2yccije5gjzag5eilfenm4se