Mobile Agent System for Handling Criminal Cases

B Amosa, A Adejuwon, O Longe, N Onyeka, J Abasiene
The Present global crime rate is alarming that something must be done to assist the law enforcement agencies in curbing or reducing the menace. Hence the need for Mobile Agent System for Handling of Criminal Cases. To assist the police in handling criminal cases, we have presented a mobile agent conceptual model that can migrate into databases of all the available security or law enforcement agencies. When the originating police station apprehends an offender, a search can be made for the
more » ... made for the record of the offender from its own database. If the record was not found, then the Agent can proceed to search for it at remote sites, that is, the databases of other law enforcement or security agencies by using Query Agent (QA). To get that record, Query Agent (QA) migrates from police database (host station) to remote stations (databases of other law enforcement or security agencies), negotiates with Database Agent (DA) there, and sends the required information to the host or the originating Police station. C# was used as the backend for the mobile agent migration.