Transportation Users' Attitudes and Choices of Ride-Hailing Services in Two Cities with Different Attributes

Virginia P. Sisiopiku, Syed Ahnaf Morshed, Sahila Sarjana, Mohammed Hadi
2021 Journal of Transportation Technologies  
The rapid technological developments in the 21 st century created new opportunities for shared-use economy applications around the globe. Among other services, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft emerged in the US as a transportation alternative that offered a higher level of availability, reliability, and convenience than traditional modes. However, TNCs deployment was also blamed for increases in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in large cities that embraced TNC services
more » ... ly on. Concerns about TNC adoption are also magnified by the current controversy in policy and legislation as to the regulation of TNCs. These new realizations create a need to examine the transportation users' attitudes and perceptions regarding ridehailing service, after nearly a decade of service in the Unites States market. In doing so, this paper compares and contrasts results from two recently completed studies aiming at creating links between socio-demographic factors and TNC use. The paper describes the methods employed to collect the data and presents findings from the analysis of 790 users' responses in the Birmingham, AL and Miami Beach, FL markets. The study documents preferences and attitudes toward TNCs and highlights similarities and differences in travel behaviors related to local considerations. Moreover, the study uses the Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (Lasso) method to identify predictors for TNC use based on the users' responses in Birmingham and Miami Beach case studies. Vehicle availability and waiting time emerged as the only significant predictors for the Birmingham region whereas vehicle ownership, vehicle use, residency, and prior use of transit and TNC where some of the predictors identified for the Miami Beach area. Understanding the characteristics of TNC users and the leading reasons that drive people towards the use of TNCs services is expected to help transportation agencies How to cite this paper: SisiopikuJournal of Transportation Technologies and TNC providers in their efforts to plan for transportation services that meet customer needs in the future.
doi:10.4236/jtts.2021.112013 fatcat:343pmlqrmvf37ey2fvtbjnicxi