The Effect of Using Tae-bo Trainings on Specific Physical Variables, the Concentration of Inter-Leukin-6, Creatine-Phosphokinase Enzyme in Blood and the Effectiveness of Performance Skill in Kata for Karate Young Female Players

2015 مجلة تطبیقات علوم الریاضة  
The paper aims to identify the effect of using Tae _ bo exercises of Karate young female players on the levels of some specific physical Variable such as (distinct speed power, agility, speed power, agility, speed bearing and flexibility), The concentration of Inter -leukin -6 and Creatine -Phosphokinase in blood, skill performance Kata (Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan and Heian Godan .) The researcher uses the experimental methodology because it is appropriate to the type and goals of the study.
more » ... ls of the study. She uses the experimental methodology because it is appropriate to the type and goals of the study. She uses the experimental design of pre and post measurements for Two groups: experimental and control. The research community is intentionally chosen of Karate young female players at Sharqia Sport Stadium in Zaqaziq, Sharqia Governorate. Their ages range between 13-14 years old. They have the green belt as minimum and the brown one as maximum . They are enrolled in Sharqia Karate District for the sport season 2013-2014. They are 26 young female players . The researcher uses the following Taols and means : The suggested Tae_bo exercises, timer1/100 second, Central exit set to separate serum. Its speed is 3000 cycle/ minute, special chemical material to find out inter-leukin -6 and Creatine phosphokinase in blood, Kata skill performance level measurement (under study), physical tests to measure the level of some specific physical variables such as (distinct speed power, agility, speed bearing, flexibility.) The researcher main conclusions are : The suggested Tae_bo exercises have a positive effect on improving some specific physical variables (under study). research conclusions prove that experimental group has higher improvement percentages than the control one. They also lead to the increase of inter-leukin -6 concentration and the decrease of creatine phosphokinase enzyme in blood of the Karate young female players. furthermore, the use of Tae_bo exercises positively improve physical and physiological variables. They also have positively affected the rising improvement in Kata skill performance level (under study) of the experimental group compared with the control one. .
doi:10.21608/jass.2015.84502 fatcat:wle5hosfpfevvoz3i6rb4uzqbq