Effects of Group Functional Behavior-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior in a Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nicole Neil, Tricia Vause, Heather Jaksic, Maurice Feldman
2017 Child & family behavior therapy (Print)  
Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often present with comorbid Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors (OCBs), but little research exists on effective intervention for OCBs. Using a single-case experimental design, this study highlights the efficacy of a Group Functional Behavior-Based Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (Fb-CBT) to reduce OCBs in an 11year-old youth. Tailored for individuals with ASD, Fb-CBT included traditional CBT components (e.g., psychoeducation, cognitive-behavioral skills
more » ... ning, and exposure and response prevention), functional behavior assessment and intervention, and a group parenttraining component. Time-series parent report data and standardized OCB measures showed clinically significant decreases in OCBs, increase in psychosocial functioning, and high consumer satisfaction.
doi:10.1080/07317107.2017.1338448 fatcat:f3tvvnhsefhftd33sdh2ubh5qm