Low Relaxation Rate in Epitaxial Vanadium-Doped Ultrathin Iron Films

C. Scheck, L. Cheng, I. Barsukov, Z. Frait, W. E. Bailey
2007 Physical Review Letters  
The longest relaxation time and sharpest frequency content in ferromagnetic precession is determined by the intrinsic (Gilbert) relaxation rate G. For many years, pure iron (Fe) has had the lowest known value of G=57 Mhz for all pure ferromagnetic metals or binary alloys. We show that an epitaxial iron alloy with vanadium (V) possesses values of G which are significantly reduced, to 35±5 Mhz at 27 as the role of spin-orbit coupling in generating relaxation, reduced through the atomic number Z.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.98.117601 pmid:17501093 fatcat:44glynho5rdijnlyblkxbscq3u