Analysis of news courts programs in the context of critical discourse analysis as a type of news discussion programs: example of atv, tv8, star tv

2020 International Conference on Cultural Informatics, Communication & Media Studies  
Many types of programs have emerged on television, which continues to be widely used among traditional mass media until today. In addition to thematic channels to meet the need for people to receive news, the type of news – discussion program is also included on television. This study focuses on news courts programs that have become widespread as a type of news discussion program that has been seen frequently on television recently. In this context, the event place with ATV Müge Anlı and Tatlı
more » ... üge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, Star Balçiçek Ilter, which took place in the daytime zone between April 30, 2018 – May 4, 2018, was chosen as an example of TV8's Gerçeğin Peşinde programs. The presentation of these most frequently watched programs in the daytime is tried to be presented. Programmes within the scope of the study Van Dijk's macro – micro structural analysis is examined within the framework of Critical Discourse Analysis. Quantitative data on the use of the concepts of judicial, religious, sexist, national, pathological, slang and Economic are also included in the news programs.
doi:10.12681/cicms.2760 fatcat:54a5n5co6bd63fa4nk4agdgf4y