Blame it on patriarchy! (Gender as identity in Macedonian culture)

Ana Martinoska
The paper deals with the concept of identity, which is defined as something fluid, flexible and variable in various manifestations, numerous positions and different moments, as well as with gender as identity, which is being defined as social construct with multiple and more complex categories of identity in comparison to biological determination. The theoretical considerations are consequently followed by applicative analysis hence, the paper aims at defining gender as an identity within the
more » ... ames of the Macedonian folk culture. Namely, by using illustration from a number of folk creations, the paper presents the image of the socio-cultural challenges of construction of gender identity, putting emphasis on the most frequent stereotypes and prejudices rooted in the patriarchal milieu. At the same time, the paper points out the cases which evidence some personal struggles against the collective notions such as cross dressing or open-minded approach towards eroticism and sex. Consequently, the paper concludes that the construction of one's personal gender identity is being significantly influenced by the collective identities, however, sometimes it is being modified and transformed in compliance with the individual perceptions. The last chapter briefly addresses the contemporary situation in the Macedonian culture on this issue, and research models of departure from the patriarchal milieu. Finally, this image is set within a European context.