Васильев Е. С., Волков Н. Д., Карпов Г. В., Морозов И. И., Сыромятников А. Г.
The paper presents results of mass spectrometric study of toxic chemicals chloroacetic acids (monochloroacetic, dichloroacetic, trichloroacetic acid) and pyridine using modulated molecular beam inlet device for introducing analytes. The advantage of molecular beam inlet is minimizing emergence of foreign substances formed in the course of the analysis, since this type of device avoids collisions of examined analyte molecules with the heated walls of the ion source the events that can result in
more » ... that can result in pyrolysis and other reactions yielding new superfluous substances. The obtained mass spectra are compared with data taken from NIST Chemistry WebBook, the well known database containing mass spectra of organic and inorganic compounds. The results indicate a partial discrepancy between the mass spectra obtained with the use of the molecular beam technique and traditional mass spectrometer molecular inlets for the analyzed substances. In a number of cases, the applied method is shown to refine the mass spectrum of the analytes. Additionally, useful information is given on characteristic peaks of other toxic substances that coincide with the mass spectra peaks of the analyzed compounds. These substances can distort the analysis data when they are simultaneously present in the analyzed samples of polluted atmospheric air.
doi:10.25514/chs.2019.special.7 fatcat:rn2gph2k65bh5fvnefigdvusea