Graph Based Brain Network Structure and Brain Mri Segmentation Techniques

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Graph based representation of medical images is very challenging task due to complexity of various images taken using different techniques like MRI, Ultrasound, CT scan and PET scan. Graph theory provides simplified notations and tools in order to representation Brain network structure. The brain network structure helps to analyze and detect brain tumor because it is structurally and functionally organized complex system. Brain network structure and functional analysis using graph based
more » ... es have been successfully used in various types images and medical data analysis. Simplified representation of brain structure plays a crucial role in analysis and detection of brain related diseases. Because various kinds brain tumor types allows to have different images and brain tumor analysis is one of the most significant challenges. This paper also represents graph theory based brain tumor detection and classification steps using hybrid Fuzzy C-Means technique. Segmentation error may increase due to presence of noise, intensity variations, interclass values in manual segmentation. To avoid this, use automatic segmentation which gives better results for clinical analysis of MRI images. In this paper different types brain tumors, Graph based analysis of complex Brain Structure, various brain tumor segmentation and detection techniques using MRI and its merits and demerits are surveyed and summarized. We also discussed future research directions in analysis of MR Images and some challenging issues of brain tumor evolving in medical research field
doi:10.35940/ijrte.e6840.038620 fatcat:sxirqfsyyjdsllkrnay4fdlwra