Fighting the COVID-19 Infodemic in New articles and False Publications: NeoNet, a Text-based Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm [post]

Mohammad AR Abdeen, Ahmed Abdeen Hamed, Xindong Wu
2021 unpublished
The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has been accompanied by an infodemic. The false information that is embedded in the infodemic affects people’s ability to have access to safety information and follow proper procedures to mitigate the risks. This research aims to target the falsehood part of the infodemic, which prominently proliferates in news articles and false medical publications. Here, we present NeoNet, a novel supervised machine learning text mining algorithm that analyzes the
more » ... content of a document (news article, a medical publication) and assigns a label to it. The algorithm is trained by TFIDF bigram features which contribute a network training model. The algorithm is tested on two different real-world datasets from the CBC news network and Covid-19 publications. In five different fold comparisons, the algorithm predicted a label of an article with a precision of 97-99 %. When compared with prominent algorithms such as Neural Networks, SVM, and Random Forests NeoNet surpassed them. The analysis highlighted the promise of NeoNet in detecting disputed online contents which may contribute negatively to the COVID-19 pandemic.
doi:10.20944/preprints202106.0482.v2 fatcat:hqrjjptncbf7ne5fq34v4alkpu