Biological Activities of Plants from Genus Annona [chapter]

Norma Francenia Santos-Sánchez, Raúl Salas-Coronado, Beatriz Hernández-Carlos, Aleyda Pérez-Herrera, Dora Jhanina Rodríguez-Fernández
2018 Antioxidants in Foods and Its Applications  
Species of the genus Annona (Annonaceae) are distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world and are characterized by their highly valued exotic fruit. The commercial species are A. muricata, A. crassiflora, A. squamosa, A. cherimola, and A. reticulata. In addition, different parts of the tree, including leaf, bark, and roots, are used in traditional medicine to treat conditions such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, cancer, and gastrointestinal diseases.
more » ... mical studies are helping to determine the biological properties of extracts and characterize bioactive principles from extracts of genus Annona. The main chemical compounds isolated from genus Annona are phenols, acetogenins, alkaloids, and cyclopeptides. All these compounds have antioxidant properties and generally are associated with other biological properties. The aim of this chapter is to carry out an analysis of the properties related to combating oxidative stress of the five most important species of the genus Annona, as well as the relationship these properties have with the bioactive principles present in these plants.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.75299 fatcat:hy4jsyx35raavjrzblqkq5dnjq