Devnagari Phonetic Speech Analysis

D.S Shete
2013 IOSR Journal of VLSI and Signal processing  
This paper presents a description of the work done on phonetic speech analysis. The work aims in generating phonetic codes of the uttered speech in training-less, human independent manner. This work is guided by the working of ear in response to audio signals. The Devnagri script inspires the work presented. The Devnagari script classifies and arranges 46 phonemes in a scientific manner based on the process of its generation. The work at present focuses on identifying the class (varna) of the
more » ... oneme as specified by the Devnagari script. More work is needed to identify the variant of the class identified. Phoneme code thus generated can be used in an application specific way. This work also explains and proves the scientific arrangement of the Devnagari script. This work tries to segment speech into phonemes and identify the phoneme using simple operations like differentiation,zero crossing, FFT. In the phoneme recognition research literature, no work has been reported on Devnagari speech processing . So we consider our work to be the first such attempt in this direction. The process involves extraction of some distinct characteristics of individual phonemes by utilizing Fourier transforms. The system is speaker-independent and is moderately tolerant to background noise.
doi:10.9790/4200-0326266 fatcat:qmcwwx6ldfdkxoe4ja6pzgurgi