Numerical Methods for Distributed Models [chapter]

T.I. Lakoba
2008 Encyclopedia of Ecology  
Numerical methods commonly used for solving partial differential equations of the reactionadvection-diffusion type are presented. The use of implicit (e.g., Crank-Nicolson) and semiimplicit methods is emphasized as being more time-efficient than that of explicit methods. The main kinds of boundary conditions are considered. Briefly discussed are operator-splitting and spectral methods, as well as methods for equations with two spatial dimensions and for hyperbolic problems. Relevant built-in
more » ... elevant built-in commands of Matlab are presented and their counterparts in other programming languages are briefly mentioned. Keywords: Numerical solution of differential equations, spatially-extended models, agestructured models, reaction-advection, reaction-diffusion, and advection-diffusion models. ED-ITORS, please include proper keywords or send me the list of them to pick. I simply don't know what else to put here.
doi:10.1016/b978-008045405-4.00889-2 fatcat:rzthukr73behrpkru7hx2vp6nu