Pilot-Scale Decontamination of Soil Polluted with As, Cr, Cu, PCP, and PCDDF by Attrition and Alkaline Leaching

Sabrine Metahni, Lucie Coudert, Myriam Chartier, Jean-Francois Blais, Guy Mercier, Simon Besner
2017 Journal of environmental engineering  
Recently, an efficient and promising process was developed to allow the removal of As, Cr, Cu, pentachlorophenol (PCP), and 7 polychlorodibenzo-dioxins and furans (PCDDF) from soil using alkaline leaching. The present study evaluates the performance and the 8 robustness of this decontamination process for the treatment of four different polluted soils by attrition and alkaline leaching at a pilot scale. 9 The attrition process carried out on the coarse fraction (>0.125 mm) allowed the removal
more » ... lowed the removal of 24-42% of As, 0-13% of Cr, 23-46% of Cu, 0-10 85% of PCP, and 17-64% of PCDDF from the different contaminated soils. Removal yields of 87-95% of As, 50-72% of Cr, 73-84% of Cu, 11 52-100% of PCP, and 27-73% of PCDDF were obtained after three leaching steps (½NaOH ¼ 1 M; ½Cocamydopropylbetaine-BW ¼ 3% conducted on the fine fraction (<0.125 mm). The performance of both attrition and alkaline 13 leaching processes seemed to be influenced by the nature of the soil and the type and initial level of contaminants present in the soils. 14 However, the entire leaching process seemed to be highly efficient, allowing the simultaneous reduction of concentrations of inorganic 15 and organic contaminants. The cost, including direct and indirect costs, were estimated between US$214 and 454 per ton of treated soil, 16 depending on the nature of the soil and the initial level of contamination. discussions must be submitted for individual papers. This paper is part of the Journal of Environmental Engineering, © ASCE, ISSN 0733-9372. © ASCE 1 J. Environ. Eng. © ASCE 2 J. Environ. Eng. © ASCE 6 J. Environ. Eng. © ASCE 7 J. Environ. Eng. © ASCE 9 J. Environ. Eng.
doi:10.1061/(asce)ee.1943-7870.0001255 fatcat:5t3xgsptp5bi3mki63htmvqx3q